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Sulaiman Rusli

Sulaiman Rusli – Presiden Direktur & Penemu

 Ruslindo Anugerah Alam Sejahtera Company is a domestic company located in Jakarta, which has a separate commitment to the development potential of herbal drugs as a major drug in the treatment of a safe and quality. It has been proven with products that have been marketed through drug stores and pharmacies that had already been through a series of testing processes both empirically and preclinical evidence.

PT. Gift of Nature Ruslindo Prosperity was founded by Mr. Sulaiman Rush. Formula Typhoid and Dengue drug that was originally created was to be consumed by the family, relatives and people in need free of charge. Along with the increasing number of patients with both patients Typhoid and Dengue Fever are reported by mass media, then he moved him to mass-produce drugs potion. With the intent and purpose so that no more deaths from these diseases.

Supported by family and those closest, it was established PT. Gift of Nature Ruslindo Prosperity in early 2000. Responsibility and sincerity in helping others develop herbal medicines as the main drug in the treatment, had made up his mind to conduct preclinical testing of these formulas to entrust its implementation to the Center for Natural Products Drug Studies, University of Indonesia (UI PSOBA).

In a series of trials, these formulas passed the preclinical trials even get a recommendation from the head of Mr. PSOBA UI. Prof. Dr. Sumali Wiryowidagdo. With the success of these trials is the formula listed in the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) and obtain a distribution license from BPOM in early 2004.


Being a company that developed the basis of “Love and Caring” for others to create products that Herbal Medicines for the range of diseases.


  • The vision has to make as a benchmark for the welfare of human beings both in terms of physical health and job opportunities and help improve the welfare of others.
  • Gives a hope to remain healed for typhus patients from Salmonella typhosa and patients with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and other diseases.
  • Being one of Medicinal Herbs that may provide benefit and happiness to many people around the world.
  • Making Herbal Medicines as a solution treatment of various diseases.

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